Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful World Tour @ Roundhouse, London – 13/09/15

Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful Tour

Action Bronson has just released his 5th album and met rave reviews across the big boards, despite the constant links to Ghost-face Killah, Action has found himself a niche that is working and constantly staying true to his sound which has been championed over his LP’s and EP’s now.
Aswell as a solid rapper and producer, Action is also quite the showman, which is proven if you’ve ever seen him perform live or keep up with his weird and wonderful show on Munchies, ‘Fuck….That’s delicious’.
In what is sure to be a sell out, make sure you grab tickets for the event and stream the LP on Spotify, both links are below accompanied by an episode of ‘Fuck….That’s delicious’ for entertainment purposes.
Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful World Tour Tickets
Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful (Stream)

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