BAR Presents Love On The Rocks

So I’m flying to Rotterdam today, which means i’ve eyeballed the RA listings pages to see where is sounding good. Unfortunately for whatever reason the lack of events happening whilst I’m there is not what I would of hoped for, however ‘Love On The Rocks’, Berlin-based Disco/House label is taking over BAR with label honcho ‘Paramida’ stepping up, joined by Mexican duo ‘Zombies in Miami’.

To be quite honest, I’ve not heard of the label or artists before so a quick deep dive on Discogs got me up to speed. Usually only drawing for disco when its packed with nostalgia and grandma cliches, I didn’t expect anything special, considering alot of modern disco/house I tend to write off at the gaudy artwork and drum loop intro i’ve heard 1000’s of times.

After a quick browse it was clear to see it didn’t really matter about the lack of events, this is all I need, and has quite positively changed my perception on modern music with the ol’ disco/house stamp.


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