Best Before 16/06/17 W/ Pariah, Facta, Tayls & Blighthand

After been intrigued by the Line-up, poster and venue, I started picking apart the line-up to see what it meant and what sort of night could be expected.

Pariah is a household name for someone that came from a dubstep background, with the name been linked to many of labels that came after the initial boom (Hessle, Hemlock), its something I can always link back to quality releases. After thinking about the name I found it hard to think of anything that’s been released recently, but after looking over discogs I was quickly reminded he has spent most of his time touring and in the studio with Blawan under the guise of Karenn.

Now the rest of the names on the line up, without lying I haven’t come across before. After some research thats very easy to see why, with the majority of releases in the past 3 years, rising the rank through radio and coming from the UK, means that ‘growing’ up, not going clubbing as much and unintentionally training my ear to look out for more then just club music meant a lot of artist’s and releases and slipped right past me.

Now Personally I’m not feeling many, if any releases from Facta, however his Boiler Room is a lot more diverse and something I would be interesting in seeing what he can provide when the atmosphere and club are perfect.

If the balance in the night can be found, the system is sounding good and what I imagine would be quite a dark night in terms of aesthetic, we should be in for a treat and manage to avoid bad crowd.


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