Errors X ZAHG

Singapore based label, Old House, is something I’ve stumbled across while browsing Bandcamp. The thing about Bandcamp is, once you sieved through all the Vapourware, DIY Punk and indie cassettes you eventually will find exactly what you are looking for, and this is a time example of that.

Obviously with this sort of thing I get a little excited just for the prospect of been able to add another great cassette to the collection. The project is a split release featuring Errors on the A and ZAHG on the B. I’ve reached out for more information from the label and artists involved with the project, but yet to gain any traction. If you are reading this, hit me up!

As is such the case, ill leave it for you to wrap your head around the glitching, warping, thumping, industrial noises that are presented on this project.

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