FF NO.8 – 200718


FF (Free Friday) is a selection of the internet & real-world offerings from the week, straight from creator to user, consisting of finished projects, rough ideas, events & exhibitions.

A long time since this format has seen the light of day. Due to me having some free time, I’ve scoured the web and come up with a couple of freebies for you to settle into the Friday night with.

First up a classic from the ways of Dance Mania and given a lease of life by ‘Girls Of The Internet’. I don’t want to call it a new lease of life as too be honest I think I prefer the original, However, It’s a nice little edit. Download below through the Soundcloud link.

Next up a nice little sunshine mover from Calyspo Records. I’m not going to say too much as the label is quite new to me and the artist who’s tune it is, ‘Veltran’ rings even fewer bells. Good tune though, a nice energy that has an exotic feel to it. Will be keping an eye on the label and artist for sure.

Last up, a bit of a weird one. XZA presents is a small compilation of bootlegs, edits and remixes. From the compilation name and artwork, you’d do a good job to just straight avoid this, and that’s where you would of fucked up. Fine, there is a couple of clangers on here but, the rest is straight fire for your alternative wanna be Night Slugs sets and includes an essential richboy edit.

Make sure to check out our last FF and stay tuned for next weeks edition.

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