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FF (Free Friday) is a selection of the internet & real-world offerings from the week, straight from creator to user, consisting of finished projects, rough ideas, events & exhibitions.

This week see’s a few more formats than just free tracks to download. Apparently, I think it’s still 2008, but it’s not, and almost impossible to find free tracks weekly. Take a gander below.

Longtime Veteran, Ben Sims has become Vital to techno over the years. Without ever leaning to trend or popularity, but just keeping it nailed down with solid 3 deck mixes and cranking hefty releases out, his worth is not even questionable at this point. The track below is apparently from the vaults and released due to reaching a milestone on one of the socials. ‘Save Our Culture’ keeps the funk in techno, acid-esqe stabs keep the momentum rolling. An ode to the glory days.


Something a Little Different next in terms of ‘Free Friday’ content. I got sent this the other day, and as I’m skint and done very little in terms of exhibitions in Berlin, it stood off the screen to me. As I’ve not been yet and not fully having a grasp, I’ll just repost their pitch and link to the event page HERE.

Funkhaus Berlin & onformative laden ein:

Meandering River
An audiovisual art installation by onformative

Eröffnung – exklusiv für geladene Gäste
Freitag, 27.07.2018
18:00 – 21:00 Uhr

13:00 – 20:00 Uhr

Meet & Greet with Friends
Samstag, 28.07.2018
18:00 – 20:00 Uhr

Sound Chamber, Funkhaus Berlin
Nalepastr. 18, 12459 Berlin

Eintritt frei

We experience changes of our fast-moving world as a snapshot. Often not visible to the naked eye, landscapes are gradually shaped by natural forces over time. The fluctuations and rhythmic movement of rivers are a glimpse into the past, as traces provide evidence of the constant transformations that surround us.

“Meandering River” is an audiovisual art installation that invites us into an intense emotional journey. Spanning over multiple screens in the Sound Chamber, the digital artwork creates a unique awareness of time by visualizing and sonifying the shifting behaviors of rivers in multidimensional space. As visitors experience the unique symbiosis of digital art and music, they are left with a humbling sense of the beauty of nature, and the unpredictability of change.

About onformative

onformative is a digital art and design studio based in Berlin. Their work challenges the boundaries between art, design and technology. Guided by an emotional approach, the studio searches for experimental forms of creative expression. onformative explores the possibilities that lie between fields of knowledge and practice to question the relationship between humans and technology.
More at www.onformative.com

Sound concept and composition by kling klang klong

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