Something a little different in terms of events posted here and a stray from the usual club nights, Something that is more representative of what I am buying and consuming at this moment, and for that I can only blame the likes of Ben UFO, Four Tet, Floating Points etc for showing me what can be done in DJ’ing in terms of mix, sounds used and musical research that goes into the project.

I don’t know too much about either act playing, so i’m not about to pretend that I do, however Ben Vince is very interesting in terms of the last body of work released. The mood and feel to ‘Monuments’ is something of an edgy, distopian jazz band that has lived and seen everything and ended at the bleakest point of life with nothing but instruments and emotions left at this point.

The Project dosent stop at the music though, the visual for ‘Kangaroo Plaza’ is spot on and for the 6minute 20 running time, it completely transports you to the time and place and makes the whole thing very relatable.

As for ‘GOAT’, after hearing clips and snippets and work about It would be interesting to hear what a show compromises of and how the reaction is.

Either way, if this is your sort of thing, its not to be missed.


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