Khotin – New Tab

‘Normals Welcome’ is a label that has been briefly touched on here, the Lo-fi aesthetic was something that drew me in and I found myself checking the discogs and pulling out artists to see what else was going on.

That brings me to Khotin, the sluggish, bubbling acid tunes I found he was releasing was not only perfect to fit with similar stuff I was listening at the time, but also lead to hearing his new mp3/cassette release ‘New Tab’.

The project could be labeled a handful of different genre names so i’ll save myself the embarrassment as I don’t think its important. The sound of the album is somewhat relaxing but it dosent fail to keep the listener entertained and provides endless emotional changes throughout, whilst keeping a certain pace which makes this much more then music to fall asleep to.

The project is also slated to get a 12″ release via Pacific Rhythm later this summer.

Khotin – New Tab

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