LONG PLAY NO.1 – 280218

experiential WORKOUT

Long Play, a place to share the best, longer pieces of audio that have surfaced throughout the week. Expect podcasts, mixes, radio shows and anything else that provides entertainment and sound over time.

My view of how mixes and radio station has changed drastically over the past year. I was all about perfect mixes, good story building and solid tracks. However much of this still may ring true (Some 2011/12 Hessle Rinse’s are still on repeat) I’ve found myself reaching into the darkness. The great thing about reaching into the darkness is you have no real expectations or knowledge of what you’ll come out with. I think this is perfectly shown here coming courtesy of Noods Radio & ScumDanceCollective. Enough talk as I don’t think words can give justice to the sound. Shut the curtains, roll a fat one and prepare for an hour of madness.

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