LONG PLAY NO.2 – 070318


Long Play, a place to share the best, longer pieces of audio that have surfaced throughout the week. Expect podcasts, mixes, radio shows and anything else that provides entertainment and sound over time.

After jumping into the series head first like a child after a bag of tangfastics, We take a more mellow approach for no.2. As a previous South London resident, it’s no secret the guys at Balamii are pushing sound and have a great rooster at there disposal. A mix that I’ve had on repeat this week comes from Aleksa Alaska, who also can be caught over at Noods Radio, coincidently.

Here we find a mix of New beat, Industrial, Electro, Marshy drum tracks and everything in between. Stuff like this can either work exceptionally well or comes across a bit cut and paste and fails to make sense of its self, never mind the listener. I think Aleksa Alaska manages to balance the act superbly though. Track selection, mixing and general atmosphere really gives this an edge and showcase an understanding and skill.

After a little digging, I’ve noticed she’s playing Berlin a couple of times coming up, which is perfect and ill be in attendance for sure.

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