LONG PLAY NO.7 – 180718


Long Play, a place to share the best, longer pieces of audio that have surfaced throughout the week. Expect podcasts, mixes, radio shows and anything else that provides entertainment and sound over time.

This Week’s long play is something I’ve been playing, picking apart and analysing for the past couple of weeks. Due to being skint to the back teeth, my Apple Music subscription has had to take the hit, and working in a warehouse a distraction in the form of music is essential. To combat the drone of Dadrock coming over the public speakers I opted for Soundcloud to flick through its recommendations and whittle down the time until freedom. During one of these extended ‘sessions’, a mix came on I believed to be some sort of modern, Fout Tet, inspired radio show from the last couple of years.

This was down to a couple of reasons, but mainly due to the use of soul, funk, rare groove and African inspired tracks. It doesn’t take a genius to know that it’s such a trend right now to be DJing and come across as the most ‘out there’ digger and that you have the most ecliptic record collection since the 12″ was born. This is where this mix starts to become interesting, After a while of noticing a couple of tracks here and there, I go to peep the DJ and realise this is not your average East London DJ with a collection that consists of Four Tet’s last 4 mixes, but a French man joined by a Detroit genius in the year 2004 on Radio Eins.

I’ll say no more, expect the unexpected and listen below.

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