LONG PLAY NO.8 – 250718


Long Play, a place to share the best, longer pieces of audio that have surfaced throughout the week. Expect podcasts, mixes, radio shows and anything else that provides entertainment and sound over time.

This is not the first time this ‘collective’ have appeared on here, honestly, in quite a quick succession as well. I tried to find a replacement for this week’s Long Play, but the number of times I’ve listened to this was only adding to the cause. As is such, Welcome Scum Dance Collective for the second time. A glorious mix of jungle, techno and just general easy listening. To top things off it all sounds like it’s been recorded onto a dusty tape, and the whole hour is just full of energy, close to what you’d find in the smokers after your first few Gary’s.

If you end up reading or seeing this SDC, please get in contact. I would love to have a chat about the sound, energy and general aesthetic that you carry.

Listen below, make sure you follow, like, repost, whatever. It’s badboy.

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