Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons ‘Masters’

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Louis vuitton brings the ‘masters’ with jeff koons

Louis Vuitton keeps applying pressure on the rest of the fashion world as we get into 2017. After the huge announcement that was the Supreme collaboration. The French fashion house has now tapped contemporary artist ‘Jeff Koons’ for their latest ‘Masters’ Collection.

Jeff Koons, known for his balloon animals and other sculpture works. Provides a reworked monogram (along with the classic) and appropriates famous paintings to bags and scarves. The end result is almost tacky, very much like the Supreme collaboration. The collection could be passed as a counterfeit from a French tourist market. However with a touch of luxury, the end result is that of genius work.

The bags will be available 280417 and although most reading this won’t ever think about purchasing, its a great look at the path Louis Vuitton is following with taping brands, creatives and appropriating them to the huge fashion house.

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