Nike X Off-White ‘The Ten’

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Is Off-White’s ‘the ten’ 10/10?

For something that seems to have been common knowledge for a very long time, every rapper stunting with custom Virgil pairs and every group saying how much they love/hate. Full details have finally been announced regarding the collaboration between Nike & Virgil Abloh’s brand ‘Off-White‘.

The whole sneaker community has been flipped on its head in recent years. Resale is dominant and figureheads appear to take control of the situations and end up coming out on top. Leaving fans with a sour taste and empty pockets.

During this time, ‘Yeezy’ has managed to curate its own market and appears to transcend the whole community, which as a result has brought in a whole heap of high fashion related footwear from artists, designers and celebrity figures. This brings us to the present and the Frankenstein collection that has finally been presented to us.

Personally, I think the collection is great. Although it might not appeal to everyone, there is absolutely no denying that this is a very creative, well-executed collection and that’s something we haven’t seen from a sneaker collaboration for a minute. Standout pieces for me, which I will be trying to cop are, Vapourmax, Jordan 1, AF1, 97 & the Vapourfly. While I’m not too keen on the mid and high-tops, making them easy passes for me, however, the chance of getting anything in this climate is slim due to the hype.

Find some words from Virgil to BoF about the collaboration and peep the release date and locations below.

On the projects: “I always like a challenge. The idea of ‘The Ten’ is Nike going into its history and asking a designer such as myself to tell a story by highlighting a design detail and innovation within [each of the] ten models. What’s interesting is the scope of the project. It’s a hallmark, a very important idea of post-modern culture, innovation and athletic performance all intertwined into one.”

On the future of streetwear: “The future of streetwear is that it should no longer serve itself. This project is truly a democracy of how design explores the world. I’m interested in how the kid that’s standing outside his or her local Foot Locker or Nike Town buying Jordans and taking my ideas gets inspired and takes a marker to the shoes or attaches a red zip tie and now they’re part of the conversation.”

NikeLab Pre-Release Locations and Dates:
New York City – September 9-13
London – September 18-22
Milan – September 21-25
Paris – September 26-30

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