Ø 181017

lee gamble, micachu, ttb & Sam Keating-fry

Hyperdub returns to Corsica Studios for episode 10 of Ø, their midweek gettogether. A fusion of unique selectors and contemporary installations.

It’s been a while since any event has really been posted, and that’s generally down to me not attending any. However, with some free time, and after wanting to reach since its inception, its time I see what Ø is all about.

Lee Gamble has always been on my radar, but probably not as much as he should have, due to my ignorance of exclusively listening to club music for years. As my tastes and ideas have matured, I feel this will be a perfect environment to expose myself to the sights and sounds.

He also has a new album coming out on Hyperdub this month which should be previewed at some point.

Again Micachu is someone that has been in my head, but never really delved in and wrapped myself in the knowledge. The first release that really caught my attention was the Demdike Stare Edit on ‘Taz And May Vids’. From this I’ve seen the name pop up in many different creative circles, the latest being an opera in collaboration with Dean Blunt.

Whatever is planned, the set should be interesting and diverse, to say the least.


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