Palace Autumn 2017 Lookbook

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As the summer that never seem to have came is drawing out its last month, FW is here and Palace serve up the goods.

For the past couple of Palace drops, I couldn’t tell you what has dropped or when. The products that I have seen have come across quite tacky and poorly designed, consistently living off the same ideas and keeping the audience firmly in its grasp. However, this time a round we see some much more thought-out ideas and concepts, a cleverer use of materials and colour palettes which see’s Palace moving away from the 13-year old who spends most of his days queuing in Soho, and presents a collection much more in-tone with the young adults of London.

With revised branding and new ideas, the tri-ferg makes a very minimal appearance. New concepts revolve around the same nostalgia we have in the UK and still goes back to referencing cars, however the maturity in the designs gives the clothes (and brand) a real breath of fresh air and dosent just cater to the streetwear kids now, but items that could fit in anyone’s wardrobe.

A couple of pieces stand out for me in which I will try in pick up, in result of failure though, no tears will be cried and ill just pick up and move along instead of paying resell for someone to make a quick buck off me. Stand outs are the Orange Velour LS, The White ‘Porsche’ Crewneck & the Harris and Flannel 6 Panel.

Scoup the whole collection below


Release is tomorrow in-store (110817)
and online the following week (180817)

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