Pigalle X NikeLab Summer 17

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Pigalle has been releasing some of the best clothes for years now, weather it be ‘streetwear’, High ‘Parisian influenced’ fashion or Sportswear, their ability to constantly adapt to influences and the environment around the brand has proved not only are they worth the salt, but probably don’t get the respect that is so deserving.

With basketball at the roots, When the collab comes around with nike the results are usually solid, with this time making no exceptions. For me the clothes I couldn’t really care less for, the track pants are appealing, but I would of preferred more a ‘half n half’ then just the slither of colour running down the middle. The main point for these collabs, for me at least, has always been the footwear. Taking cues from 80’s & 90’s basketball, the silhouettes are big, chunky and modernised, taken from the old Dennis Rodman model which is desperate from a retro anyway.

RELEASE : 240617

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