Prince Rapid Presents The Ruff Sqwad Orchestra

So this could be a bit hit or miss, in terms of the crowd, the actual performance and whether or not it brings anything new to the table or just plays from pure nostalgia to impress the ‘golden age’ grime fans. However even if all the above are true id be intrigued enough to go and make sure I’m not missing anything, having gone to Jeff Mills and Actress bring there projects forward using an orchestra and not only enjoying the performances but coming out inspired, I feel there is a chance this could end up with the same effect.

All reasons not to go above are obviously invalid, if, like myself you are an actual fan of the music, culture and the sound. This is a chance to hear what has progressed from the earlier sound, see what the figures have progressed into and how much of a commercial commodity grime is a moment which for me is interesting just in seeing the type of people that turn up and how the reaction is now.

Some of my favourite clips featuring Ruff Squad instrumentals below for the Ticket link…


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