SELECTION NO.41 – MIW 050318

USELESS WORDS - SELECTION NO.41 // Bisaufsmesser: David Toop & Paul Burwell - Suttle Sculpture LP (Sub Rosa) Boomkat: Christoph De Babalon - Scylla & Charybdis (Cross Fade Enter Tainment) Discogs: ASC - Internal Software (Arts Transparent) Phonica: BLD - For Rave Use Only (BLD Tape Recordings) Redeye: Shimshon Miel - Amsterdam To Nueiba (Fortuna Records) Rubadub: Mix-O-Rap - Eyes Of A Key (People's Potential Unlimited)

MIW (Music I Want), a weekly series in which we evaluate current releases & remember past favourites. After scrutinization, we come to the top 6 selection for the week from our favourite shopping spots.

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