SELECTION NO.34 – MIW 231017

SELECTION NO.34 // Boomkat: Regis - Live In N.Y.C (Cititrax) Discogs: Paul Hannah - Adventures In Techno Soul (Ferox Records) Hardwax: Samuel Kerridge - The Silence Between Us (Downwards) Phonica: Tessela - Hackney Parrot (10_Ton_Mix)/Headland (Polykicks) Redeye: Litüus - 2236 S Wenthworth Ave (Avian) Rubadub: Lycurgus - panzer1020 (Panzerkreuz)
headbanging – selection no.34

MIW (Music I Want), a weekly series in which we deconstruct current releases & remember past favorites. After scrutinization, we come to the top 6 selection for the week coming from our most frequented spots for music.

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