SELECTION NO.42 – MIW 120318

-17 // Bisaufsmesser: Witch Trail - Thole (Babylon Doom Cult Records) Boomkat: DJ Loser - Crusade Melancholia (Clan Destine Records) Discogs: The It - Donnie (D.J. International Records) Phonica: Physical Therapy - House Crime Vol 10 (House Crime) Redeye: DJ Overdose / DJ Technician - When Cities Collide EP (RotterHague Records) Rubadub: MTv - Hollywood EP 1 (The Trilogy Tapes)

MIW (Music I Want), a weekly series in which we evaluate current releases & remember past favourites. After scrutinization, we come to the top 6 selection for the week from our favourite shopping spots.

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