SELECTION NO.40 – MIW 260218

FORMAT FRENZY - SELECTION NO.40 - Bisaufsmesser: Windhand / Satans Satyrs - Split LP (Relapse) Boomkat: Helm - World In Action (Remixed / Alter) Discogs: Psychic TV - Cathedral Engine (Dossier) Phonica: Max Graef & Friends - Money $ex 012 (Money Sex Records) Redeye: Rex Ilusivii - Koncert SNP 1983 (Offen Music) Rubadub: Kinlaw - Corfe (No Corner)

MIW (Music I Want), a weekly series in which we evaluate current releases & remember past favourites. After scrutinization, we come to the top 6 selection for the week from our favourite shopping spots.

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