Selection No.32 – MIW 091017

SELECTION NO.32 - Boomkat: Karel Appel - Musique barbare (Sub Rosa) Discogs: Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra - Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra (Voix De L'Orient) Hardwax: Steffi - World Of The Waking State (Ostgut Ton) Phonica: Sandy Samuel - I Like Sado Music (EREZIONI) Redeye: TZUSING - ???? (L.I.E.S) Rubadub: Jasss - Weightless (iDEAL)

women are in complete control – selection no.32

MIW (Music I Want), a weekly series in which I break down current releases, past favourites & whats on offer now. After scrutinization, we come to the top 6 selection for the week.

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