The rise and fall of the baseball cap

The baseball cap has always been a staple piece of the wardrobe, often used by the rich and famous to blend in with the general public whilst out on the streets, but recently amongst the cool, trendy and people of the time the baseball cap has become a must have just to show how on point you are.
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The baseball cap starts its life in baseball, quite self explanatory, over time it has been twisted, tweaked and sculpted to make a series of variations, however today we will be focusing on the basic 6 panelled, curved brim. It’s something that has been used for years as a fashion piece, especially in England by the likes of DJ EZ and Skepta almost constantly donning the style threw the years.

For a while now i have been wearing a 1993 suede Rockport hat featuring a leather brim which was donated by my father. It’s been a problem since he gave me it that i couldn’t find a baseball cap of the same quality or attention to detail, apart from a couple of entries from Kenzo, Opening Ceremony and Marc Jacobs to name a few, however the price is high and the fit is generally not completely suitable for everyday wear.

Following on from the problem of finding a replacement cap, over the past 6 months all the boys have got their efforts out, all the big brands, the small cartels and the newbies trying to break into a over saturated market trying to make a quick buck off the latest fashion kids. The problem is not so much the amount of hats, i love hats but the problem is the terrible quality of hats and the lack of attention going into the design process from a ton of start-ups clogging up my instagram feed.

Below is some truly hideous pieces in terms or quality, design and hype. By hype, i mean some of these hats are limited and/or because of the person behind the brand or collaboration in some cases. And as much as i love a baseball cap, I’m finding it hard to comprehend that this is ok.

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As much as it may just seem I’m hating on the baseball cap, i am not, it’s just the hype around the shape and how cool it is, it’s not only getting over worn but killing any real influence and creativity in creating some really great and interesting caps. So please if anyone out there knows of a good baseball cap, that isn’t made to be worn purely for instagram pictures, please let me know and try put a stop to these Ozweego wearing money spinners. I also think its fair to sign out and the best attempt at a ┬ábaseball cap i’ve seen of recent time (Thank you palace), despite the price increase because of who has worn it.

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  1. Baseball caps have definitely become more of a fashion statement than before. I do think they are still worn in both regards, as a style play and as a sun blocker. It's definitely interesting to see your take on in and the stroll through history.

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