TOTW NO.8 – 260718


TOTW (Track Of The Week) is a place for those stand out tracks. Something that turns my head, substance that keeps me going back for more.

Back from the dead. A series that hasn’t been touched for years, not for any other reason except I thought MIW (Music I Want) was enough. Until Now.

The reasoning for kickstarting TOTW is down to this release. I came across it on Soundcloud and heard the one track, saw it was from Leeds and added to the never ending listening pile. Now for starters, its been a while since I’ve heard anything from the motherland, let alone post. Unfortunately, the release is not for me, however, the one track I originally heard is hard.

Something That I’ve been getting into much more recently is bright, euphoric, trancey pad lines and pushing the tempo way up, closer on the spectrum to gabber and hard house then your standard slice of house and techno. Baring that in mind, this track is perfect for me. Super spacey feel, never goes over the top even though it easily could, maintains a minimalist aesthetic whilst keeping a steady rhythm and pulse. It’s a reach for the lasers type of tune, just not in a poncey Ibiza way. More a dark, cold, ruffhouse northern way.

Will be keeping an eye on what comes next from either artist, check the track below on Soundcloud and grab through the Bandcamp.

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